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How Much Does a House Survey Cost? (In-Depth Guide)

Buying a house is a major investment, so knowing what you're getting into is essential. One key step in this process is getting a house survey. But how much does it cost? What factors influence the price? Let's break down the costs involved and why house surveys are vital when purchasing a home. We'll also explore the different types of surveys available and help you choose the right one for your needs.

Overview of House Survey Costs

Understanding the real costs of house surveys helps buyers budget for this crucial task.

Average Cost of House Surveys in the UK

In the UK, house surveys typically range from £400 to £1,500. Prices fluctuate based on factors like property size and survey type.

Survey Cost by Type of Survey

A Homebuyer Report generally costs between £350 and £1,000, while a Building Survey ranges from £500 to £1,300. The more detailed the survey, the higher the cost.

Detailed Costs of Different Types of House Surveys

RICS Home Survey Level 1 Costs

Expect to pay around £250 to £400 for a RICS Level 1 Home Survey. This is a basic overview, recommended for new or seemingly flawless properties.

RICS Home Survey Level 2 Costs

RICS Level 2 Home Surveys, offering more detail, usually cost between £350 and £1,000. Older properties may benefit more from this type of survey.

RICS Home Survey Level 3 Costs

For a thorough examination, the RICS Level 3 Home Survey costs between £600 and £1,500. This is often needed for older, larger, or more complex properties. You can find more information on the difference between a level 2 and level 3 survey here.

Full Structural Survey Cost UK

A comprehensive Full Structural Survey in the UK typically costs between £600 and £1,800. This survey is ideal for properties with evident structural issues, renovations, or unconventional designs.

New Build Snagging Survey Costs

For new-build properties, a Snagging Survey costs around £300 to £600. This survey identifies construction-based defects in brand-new homes.

A property surveyor looking at a house

Factors Influencing the Cost of House Surveys

Several factors can affect house survey costs, making it important to budget accordingly.

Property Size and Age

Larger and older properties require more detailed surveys, leading to increased costs. Victorian-style houses, for instance, can cost up to £1,500 for a survey, compared to around £400 for modern properties.

Location of the Property

Properties in metropolitan areas may incur higher survey costs. Surveying in densely populated areas like London can cost upwards of £1,000, whereas rural properties might be around £500 due to differences in accessibility and demand.

Surveyor's Expertise and Experience

Hiring a seasoned surveyor can be more expensive. A less experienced surveyor might charge £350, but an expert with decades of experience could charge £1,500, justifying the cost with their ability to identify potential issues that others might miss.

Additional Costs and Considerations

Extra Charges for Older or Unique Properties

Older or distinctive properties may incur additional charges. For example, a Tudor house could cost up to £2,000 due to the need for specialised surveying techniques.

Follow-up Surveys and Inspections

Some properties may require follow-up surveys or inspections due to identified issues. For example, additional mold or damp inspections might cost an extra £200 to £300.

Travel and Accessibility Costs

The location of a property can impact the survey price. An isolated, rural house could increase survey expenses by £100 to £200, accounting for the surveyor's travel costs.

Importance of Conducting a House Survey

House surveys are a vital part of buying property, providing insights into the property's condition. Costs can vary greatly based on the property's size, age, and location, as well as the surveyor's expertise. From the budget-friendly RICS Level 1 Home Survey to comprehensive Full Structural Surveys, there's a survey type for every need and budget. While the typical range of £350 to £1,500 can stretch further for older or unique properties, follow-up surveys, or rural locations, it's crucial to factor these potential extra costs into your budget. A house survey might seem like an added expense, but it's a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provides, ensuring you know about any potential issues before making one of the biggest purchases of your life.

For help and advice with the pricing of a house survey and to arrange any inspection from an expert surveyor, get in touch with Midland Counties Surveyors today.

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