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Setting new standards in the surveying industry

At Midland Counties Surveyors, we take a practical and pragmatic approach to supply and provide access to the most well equipped surveyors throughout the Midlands.

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About us

MCS is a team of knowledgeable professionals led by Bert Rogers. 

Bert has spent over a decade in the property industry, working in construction project management, and client negotiation.


During his career he has been involved with many high-end projects, including luxury penthouses in Birmingham, private new build dwellings and country homes,  and the Arabic Islamic Science Museum in Kuwait. 


Bert's dedication to correct buying practices helped him connect with numerous experts in the surveying industry, and by connecting his clientele with the support of local experts Bert founded Midland Counties Surveyors.


The goal of MCS is to make diligent buying processes easily accessible across the entirety of the Midlands, as we aim to set new standards in the surveying industry.

Looking for a surveyor?

Get in touch for access to trusted and approachable experts.

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